Andrew “PenguinZA” Hodgkinson

A versatile Hearthstone and Rocket League commentator, who is able to do both color and play-by-play commentary. Andrew’s casting brings a sense of excitement whilst explaining both the fundamentals of each game to new viewers and the complexities to veteran players.

Dylan “Dib” Brown

Hearthstone commentator and analyst with an extensive background in both gaming and collectable card games. Dylan regularly commentates on the largest Hearthstone tournaments in South Africa, as well as multiple European and Japanese online competitions.

Stephan "StevenGG" Stogiannis

22 year old from Athenes who studies History and Archeology, gamer since 2002, ESL Admin and streamer. Excited with the grow of e-sports in the last few years and wants to help at growing it in the region as well.
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