Bucharest Gaming Week CS:GO Invitational by ESL

Bucharest Gaming Week CS:GO Invitational by ESL


 Returning back to where it all started, to the beautiful city of Bucharest, the longest running multi-gaming tournament in the region, the ESL Southeast Europe Championship, is coming back for yet another season, but this time holding a surprise up its sleeve.

 The Invitational

In collaboration with Bucharest Gaming Week, ESL SEE is bringing its first ever CS:GO Invitational! With more than 50,000€ up for grabs and with teams from all over Europe competing for the lion’s share of the prize pool, the competition is going to be as fierce as it will ever get!


Players and teams from all over Europe will be able to participate at the open Qualifiers on the 10th and the 17th of November. The top 3 finishers from each Qualifier will advance to the online playoffs where they will be joined by the winners of two local to the SEE scene leagues. The 8 teams will battle it out from the 26th until the 28th of November for that most wanted LAN Finals spot.

Eligible to participate at the open Qualifiers are players that are either legally residing in the EU, i.e. they are not in need of a visa, or they are able to obtain a visa for Romania on time.

Together with the full support of Bucharest’s Municipality & the Cultural Center of Bucharest (ARCUB), ESL and Bucharest Gaming Week we will host the event for the second year in a row at Romexpo.The FinalsThe event is scheduled to take place on the 9th of December, just a day after ESL SEC’s finals. The online playoffs winner, alongside the ESL SEC’s champions and two invited teams will jump into BGW’s arena and bout for the coveted prize.PrizepoolThe staggering 50,000€ prize pool will be split as follows:1st Place: 25,000€2nd Place: 12,500€3rd - 4th Place: 6250€ eachThe Bucharest Gaming Week Invitational powered by ESL alongside the 8th rendition of the Southeast Europe Championship will take place at Romexpo in Bucharest, on December 7-9 and with an incredibly strong lineup, this event is not to be missed.




Stage Date Bracket Sign-up
Qualifier #1 10.11 12:00 CET Sign-up!
Qualifier #2 17.11 14:00 CET Sign-up!
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