One last chance to Qualify to the Regular Season!

  • LoL

This upcoming Wednesday, 23/5/2018, we will host an ad hoc closed qualifier due to x25’s inability to provide a full roster.

Due to recent events, x25 had to release the majority of the roster, effectively leaving us without any other choice, but to remove their slot as it would be unfair to all other competitors.

As an organization though, we fully understand when a team, due to force majeure, remains without a full roster and as a result this is why we are not fully disqualifying them from the competition. Instead we are hosting a closed qualifier, where the not qualified TOP4 from all previous qualifiers will be invited, including x25, to compete for that newly opened slot to the regular season!

The following teams will be getting a second chance to the regular season:

  • Void Gaming
  • Better Jungler Wins
  • Red Fear eSports
  • Only 2nd place
  • U Cluj eSports EU
  • X25 eSports
  • Panathinaikos eSports

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