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ESL Southeast Europe Championship and its seventh season is about to come to a conclusion. WiLD by Lagardere Sports and WeLoveGaming Esports are going to face each other at the League of Legends Grand Finals on Tuesday (19:00 EEST / 18:00 CEST).

Although, a question arises: How did things come that far?


The ESL Southeast Europe Championship (ESL SEC) is the longest running multigame esports competition for the geographical region of Southeast Europe organized by the ESL. Its purpose is to foster the competitive scene in the region by enabling the gamers from different countries to compete and increase their skill and receive visibility, while providing high-quality and region-relevant entertainment for the audience.

Over the last 3 years, ESL SEC had six completed seasons – with the seventh almost done – in 4 different countries that brought into play 45.000€ paid prize money. Adding this season’s prize pool, total paid prize money will reach 56.000€, solidifying the main goal: “Fostering the competitive scene in the region”.

Here is the number of the players who have signed up for our 4 #ESLSEC open qualifiers! Your thoughts? 🤔

Posted by ESL Southeast Europe Championship on Saturday, May 26, 2018


Teams, from all over the region, had fought hard, competing at four Open Qualifiers, in order to secure a spot at season’s seven Group Stage. Representing Serbia, Hungary, Greece and Bulgaria, the advanced teams had been divided into two groups, facing each other twice, in best of 3 situations. Group A hosted Rift eSports (HUN), WLGaming Esports (GR), Random 5 (BG) and Crvena Zvezda Esports (SRB), while Group B offered it’s hospitality to LVLUP Rhinos (SRB), The Teutons (GR), WiLD by Lagardere (HUN) and x25 esports (SRB).

Following a month full of league of legends action, including hard teamfights, astonishing results, mechanical outplays and dominating victories through macro management, four teams advanced to the playoffs, seeking glory and pursuing the historical trophy. Random 5 and LVLUP Rhinos fought hard, but WiLD and WLG had the last word and will meet at Tuesday’s Grand Finals.

WeLoveGaming Esports seem to acknowledge the existence of a “weird” tradition, been developed under ESL SEC’s rooftop: 5 out of 6 first seasons, several Greek teams have dominated the region, winning 5 consecutive titles! However, last season, at Bucharest’s Finals, Nexus Gaming had put an end to that win streak, bringing the title back to Romanian hands.

“Learn more about ESL SEC’s history right here

As mentioned before, WiLD will face WLG at the offline Tuesday Finals. Nevertheless, WiLD are currently having a huge advantage over their opponents. Being undefeated throughout Playoffs, they will start the last best of 3 for season 7, winning 1-0. At that point, in order to avoid misunderstandings, it needs to be highlighted that this is a result of double elimination system and WLGaming are coming, to the Finals, from the lower bracket.


WiLD is an unconventional team, having both great and devastating performances during season 7. Definitely a dangerous team, in terms of macro management and teamfighting ability, still a team that crucially relies on their psychological state; a bad mechanic play, could frustrate or disappoint their roster, costing them the game. On the other hand, WLGaming is a macro based team with great laning phase and exceptional chemistry. Nonetheless, recent addition of a new member, in the jungle, could disturb the ambiance of the team.

Quite simply, WiLD are having the upper hand and WLG have to climb up a whole mountain in order to succeed. Yet, both teams are good, with exceptional rosters. Any outcome is possible!


You don’t wanna miss that Finals!  

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*Written by Kostas Soropoulos - Kostas is ESL SEC's main play by play caster and alongside Georgia Paras are delivering high quality casting over the league.

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