Georgia ''troubleinc'' Paras

A Greek 25 year old E-sports and specifically League of Legends enthusiast! Hooked up with the gaming scene ever since I can remember myself! Now working as a caster I could not love my job any more than i already do. It brings the fire and the passion out of me! It's the kind of job that you want to be going to every single day! Let's not forget that I am a player of the game also, not so good myself, but oh well, I guess I better stick to casting! haha!

Kostas "Ryuma" Soropoulos

With a childhood dedicated to gaming, in both consoles and personal computers, he was always trying to find more and more free time to stay in front of a screen. Introduction to university came along with League of Legends and of course the discovery of twitch. Endless hours watching the early days of the LCS, definitely before the “glory”, he found himself fascinated by e-Sports journalism, especially reviews and casting and backstage action that makes every project coming into life. Of course, if “there are no fingers” – as they use to say in Greece – decision comes bloodless!

Nikola ''Baldy'' Jovanovic

Didn't find his spot in pro playing, but he certainly fits the shoutcaster job.In love with the games, particularly the League of legends. One of the most passionate commentators You will ever hear!

Lucian "IceManLucky" Dinescu

IceManLucky is a romanian streamer and League of Legends caster. He is active on Romanian Gaming community since 2013 and started his casting career 2 years ago. On a daily basis, IceManLucky focuses to teach players from low divisions how to improve and interact with them as much as possible.

Bence "Ryder" Tamás Simon

Hey, im Ryder hungarian esport caster. Im part of the hungarian SEC team since season 3, so i’ve seen a lot of action here at this tournament so far. I hope you enjoy my casting style and will see you in the stream.

Valentin "Loemifar" Dienes

I’m home in the Rift since 2010 and nowadays i’m casting League of Legends as an analyst. In the previous SEC season i was responsible for the hungarian Hearthstone broadcast. My biggest dream in the scene of esport to build a helpful, friendly and close-knit community especially with the Hearthstone in the focus.

Nikola "Mićko" Milićević

My first connection with video games was back in 2003 when the first Call of Duty was released. Since then, not a day has passed without me spending at least an hour playing video games. I played my first League of Legends game in 2010. I became a fan of Esports and competitive gaming while I was watching Worlds 2013, which motivated me to become a professional gamer. Now I can say that I have a dream job. I joined the "pro scene" in 2016 and since then I have been working as a caster and analyst, you know, because my hands don't work as fast as my brain does. Oh well, I guess not everyone is born to be a pro player, some of us should stick to casting and entertaining the crowd haha!

Martin "Abr0" Abrashev

I am 20 years old. I am a Bulgarian who plays , watches , streams and casts League of Legends. I have been playing the game since Season 1 .Most seasons I have been Challenger in one or more ladders. Had competed in many League of legends tournaments , have won some 5v5 LAN tournaments and many 1v1. My favourite champions are Orianna , Ezrael and Yasuo. Started casting/giving a running commentary of a game when I was 8 years old and watched my bigger brother playing games. Love casting intense League of Legends games and food !"

Stephan "StevenGG" Stogiannis

22 year old from Athenes who studies History and Archeology, gamer since 2002, ESL Admin and streamer. Excited with the grow of e-sports in the last few years and wants to help at growing it in the region as well.

Zsolt "Aioween" Gellért-Bibó

Started shoutcasting as a hobby back in 2014. At first it was Go4LoL cups with ESL, and later on in 2015 he went to the official Hungarian LCS cast crew, MagyarLoLTV, where he spent more than a year as a professional color caster. After that he moved to in 2016 to become a full time esport journalist, focusing mostly on LoL. Ever since then, this has been his job, but I still do enjoy casting, and I seize every opportunity I get to cast games at online and offline tournaments as well. As of recent, he was in the analyst desk at the V4 Future Sports Festival, and previously covered the majority of the SEC in English, but he was also present at the 2015 SEC finals in Budapest, which was also covered in English. He was always the kind of person who focuses more likely on the analytical aspect of the game, therefor he doesn't have any high elo achievements, but has been following the esports scene from 2012, which is also the year he started playing. Over the years he amassed a ton of experience in this field, followed the meta and the professionals as the game developed and became more and more macro based, making the games themselves that more interesting. This year he return to Hungarian casting, and he hopes good set of exciting qualifications, playoffs, and finals of course.

Tamás "exnon" Ritter

My first shoutcasting was at a little cup in 2015. I was not prepared and did not have any experience in this kind of job but I immediately fell in love with it. Since then I am doing it as my second job in my free time. I am an analyst and I cast 3 games right now: League of Legends, Overwatch, Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. League of Legends is my main profile and have the most experience in it. I’ve been playing it since 2009. My biggest achievements as a player was diamond 1 90 lp in Season 3 and Master in Season 4 but nowadays I only play the game with my friends to have some fun. I had the opportunity to work on events like MondoCon, PlayIT Show, ESL SEC S6 and most recently V4 Future Sports Festival.

Balázs "Axmart" Jáger

I have been casting games for 4 years now. I started with Starcraft 2 then i switched to League of Legends. I had the opportunity to work on some major Hungarian tournaments like Play IT, Mondocon and V4 Future Sports Festival. I love to cast games because I can live through all the epic moments with the fans. I’m mainly a shoutcaster because I am not afraid of using my voice at all and I get very excited when the action starts. I’m not a professional gamer but I keep myself up-to-date in the games which I cast and play them for the fun side as well. Im fan of every non meta / rare picks and tactics because I think the professional scene can use some more diversity.
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