ESL National Championship Switzerland to receive new bold visual identity

Brand refresh of the iconic regional tournament series to increase the brand equity of ESL Gaming’s esports ecosystem

Cologne/New York – ESL Gaming, a part of ESL FACEIT Group, is introducing a new visual identity for the ESL National Championship (ENC), the most premium local esports tournament series in its region. 

The state-of-the-art visual identity of the competition series is set to increase the brand equity of ESL Gaming and its ESL National Championship following the company’s master brand refresh in 2019. Ultimately, the main idea behind sharing a common visual style is to increase equality within the brand, highlight the company’s values and support the strategy to continue leading the esports industry. With the Intel® Extreme Masters (IEM) brand receiving a new, refreshed look earlier this year, the time has now come for ENC to follow in its footsteps.

The ESL National Championship is one of the longest-running local esports competitions hosting tournaments in several game titles. The first ever national tournament started in Germany in 2002 as ESL Pro Series, which was renamed to the ESL Meisterschaft in 2015. The competition series also meant a new era for the nine different regions that followed right after: Australia, Benelux, France, Italy, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, and the United Kingdom. The ENC shares the common element of being that region’s most premium tournament for amateurs, semi-professionals, and professionals, and each region features its own unique competitions relevant in that respective region.

ESL Gaming’s commitment to shaping the Swiss esports ecosystem started back in 2019. Since then, ESL Swiss brought many players together and gave teams the chance to play on big stages and in a professionally organized environment backed by ESL Gaming’s strong infrastructure. With over 900’000 views on since the first season, the ESL Swiss channel is the most watched esports competition from Switzerland, enjoyed not only by Swiss fans but from people all around Europe. 

From the beginning on, our main goal was to create the from Zero to Hero path for Swiss teams, giving them the opportunity to climb the ladder and prove themselves at international ESL competitions. Today we are happy to announce the next ESL NC Switzerland season, accompanied by the new rebranding and upcoming new fan experiences live on”, said Ben Thompson, Director Marketing and Products, Progaming Italia


  • Qualifiers: 27.08.2022 & 03.09.2022
  • Relegation: 10.09.2022
  • Groupstage: 26.09.2022 - 10.11.2022
  • Playoffs: 14.11.2022 & 17.11.2022
  • Grand Finals: 03.12.2022

For the most part, the new ESL National Championship visual identity refresh consists of the updated logo and a dedicated camouflage pattern. New graphic elements allow the ENC to be more coherent with the ESL Gaming brand leaving enough space for each region to adjust the design to their local symbols. This creates a perfect fusion between autonomy within the local competition’s visual identity and enhancement of the brand equity of ESL Gaming.

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