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Stick to the rules and play fair! Dishonest behavior can start a chain reaction which may unfairly impact competitors who are playing according to ESL regulations!

In the last few days our ESL admins received indications that player Tiago had behaved unfairly and let another player compete on his behalf. Without hesitation our ESL Admins followed up with an investigation into this information over several days. Enough evidence has been gathered to confirm that Tiago let another player play for him versus SenpaiRekt, win, and progress in the tournament. Such behavior is neither fair nor tolerable, which is why Tiago has been suspended with immediate effect from the Swisscom Hero League. As a result, all affected matches that followed the Tiago vs SenpaiRekt match had to be played off-stream again. Although Jesus had qualified for the Grand Final, he lost the replay of the semi-final rematch against SenpaiRekt and ended up in 3rd place.

We can't imagine how frustrating it must be to stand in Jesus' position and regret very much not to see him in the final. But as tournament organizers we need to be impartial and create a clean and as cheat-free championship as possible. We do not take this lightly and we would not have held these rematches unless League ops was certain the cheating had taken place. Additional measures are being implemented to increase authenticity checks on players and reduce this problem in future tournaments. Nevertheless, we congratulate SenpaiRekt for earning qualification to the Grand Final next Saturday, where he will have to fight against DaTsHiM for the coveted HERO title.

Summary of Rematches

Group A Winner's Finals: SenpaiRekt vs Tiago
SenpaiRekt got default win instead of Tiago winning

Playoffs Round 1: Tiago vs Datshim changed to SenpaiRekt vs Datshim, Datshim won 4-2.

Playoffs Lower Bracket Match: Tiago vs JUMANJI changed to SenpaiRekt vs JUMANJI SenpaiRekt won by default as JUMANJI didn't show up to his Playoffs matches.

Playoffs Decider Match: Jesus vs Tiago changed to Jesus vs SenpaiRekt, Senpai won 4-2.

We attach great importance to the competition’s integrity and fair play and hope that our contestants do as well. Such misconduct and unfair behavior can’t be tolerated in a competitive environment.

Your ESL Swiss Team <3