They accompany you through glorious moments and crushing defeats. They help you understand each and every critical decision made by the best swiss esports players as the games unfold. They bring you insights, analysis and interviews that bring you closer to the action and your favorite stars. They entertain you during any annoying breaks caused by those mysterious technical issues ;). But most importantly they make sure you have an exceptionally great time while watching the Swisscom Hero League!

Presenting our On-Air lineup for the fourth Season of the Swisscom Hero League powered by ESL:

Don Rigoni

Name: Luca Rigoni
City: Zurich
Games: League of Legends & Clash Royale

Before becoming the one and only Don Rigoni, I casted the PolyLAN at the ETH and immediately fell in love with casting, striving for constant improvement ever since. Besides cracking way to man dad jokes, I’m also able to recognize a Pokémon only by its cry.


Name: Jean-Paul Hofstetter
City: St. Gallen
Game: Clash Royale

I’m a Clash Royale caster from the very beginning and consider myself an expert in mobile gaming. Besides casting I’m a content creator on YouTube with nearly 43’000 subs and on TikTok where I get 8.5 million viewers per month from nearly 180’000 followers.


Name: Carlo Züger
City: Bern
Game: League of Legends

My casting career started with the start of the HeroLeague and I am very glad I took that chance. It's always fun even when I have to endure Don Rigoni's dad jokes.


Name: Jonathan Calame
City: Yverdon-les-Bains
Game: CS:GO

I’m a 100% objective caster, always cheering and shouting (not so much...) during awesome actions. Also, don’t tell anybody but I love to pee under the sun.


Name: Florian Schaufelberger
City: Yverdon-les-Bains
Game: CS:GO

I’m a 100% objective shoutcaster like John, bad Jokes are my surname, analyst master, always cheering for the plays.


Name: Remo Blaser
City: Sursee
Game: CS:GO

I'm coming from a player perspective. Before realizing my ways of entertaining people are better than my skills within the game, I started as a caster in my beloved game CS:GO. Beginning as "budget Kairos" I quickly became one of the most known faces of CS:GO casting in Switzerland, casting, hosting and analyzing games in various leagues and tournaments.


Name: Andreas Reif
City: Sins
Game: CS:GO

Having fallen in love with CSGO from the very first time I played it, I became a Caster more or less by chance when I got to cast for the Prefire League which later on became the SESL. Had a blast right from the get go and was super lucky to be part of countless online and offline events. Some say it is less because of my casting skills but merely on merit of my voice…


Name: Emanuel Märki
City: Chavanne-le-Chên
Game: League of Legends

Casually streaming, I tried casting for the very first time at the PolyLAN tournament. This is how I met the Esport universe with its set of perseverance, emotion, performance and passion. As a passionate gamer myself and faithful participant of the PolyLAN I feel close to the players and I’d like to share as accurately as I possibly can the passion I experience watching games through casting.