Spring Season 2020


Created with @IntelUK and @ESLUK, The #IntelFutureGen programme has given ten of the most exciting esports talents the chance to take steps towards fully realising their potential.

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Intel FutureGen: A Programme For Success | National Student Esports

Intel FutureGen: A Programme For Success


How to be a leader in esports? One of the #IntelFutureGen inaugural cohort, Jack Fenton (@DBL_Coach), gives his take.

↳ http://nse.gg/intel-futuregen/

@IntelUK | @ESLUK

We spoke to Mark Broom (@broomy2209) from @IntelUK about the importance of education and placements to get the role you want.

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@IntelUK | @ESLUK

Immerse yourself with #ESLOne Birmingham from another angle (360 of them) with our @weavrtv YouTube 360 Stream

We are in open beta so we welcome your feedback 📝

🥽 http://esl.im/eslone360