ESL Premiership

Winter Season 2019


Re-live the Spring Finals

Our Vision

The Premiership aims to be the first step on a long journey as players, casters and teams hope to follow their dreams and join the ranks of the elite. Now into it's 5th year the Premiership is growing to match the ambitions of new and old players alike  -- Will "Fridgecake" Attwood, Premiership Product Lead


🚨 UPDATE: We now have 3 spots up for grabs in the #RainbowSixSiege #ESLPrem Winter Season!

One team will qualify from Cup #1 on Sep 24th and two teams will qualify from Cup #2 on Sep 28th.

Register at

Choose your character, the #SuperSmashBrosUltimate UK Team Championship returns for the 2019-2020 season!

The first online qualifier takes place on Sep 29th 👉

With the departure of Royals from the #ESLPrem, we welcome back @WindandRaingg with their all-new lineup, coming in as the runner-up from the Summer relegation series.

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