CS:GO is back in the ESL Premiership for 2019

ESL CS:GO Premiership is back for three seasons throughout 2019

The ESL CS:GO Premiership has proven to be the important stepping stone the UK CS:GO scene needs in order to grow and match the talent worldwide. ESL UK are proud to announce the return of the Premiership for the upcoming seasons, with Group Stages starting on the 28th of January.

ESL UK are extremely proud of the opportunities we are able to provide to grassroots of the CS:GO players community with the ESL Premiership. It’s an exciting time in esports where we can continue to support smaller communities whilst be a part of the bigger international scene with ESL.

Sam "Astroo" Gresham, team captain for London Esports, the reigning Champions of the ESL CS:GO Premiership, said:

‘It's nice to see the constant investment in the UK scene from ESLUK. It's really helping having a consistent tournament to help grow and improve the scene. As well as that it gives new players a platform to show their talents to the more known players.’

There is a sense of prestige that comes with playing in this long standing tournament. We saw players like Owen "smooya" Butterfield and Rory "dephh" Jackson compete in the Premiership in the previous seasons, and then move on to play in the CS:GO Major and many other prominent international tournaments.

Liam "Murky" Smallwood, CS:GO player who was the coach for CeX in the Winter Finals, said:

‘The Premiership is something which every UK team wants to attend… It gives players an experience which they can't get anywhere else, so it’s a really respected tournament in the UK.’

But the prestige isn’t the only thing the winners get - the prize pool for the Spring Season alone is £13,000, and the winners have a chance to qualify for the Mountain Dew League (MDL), which can help them progress even further in their careers.

The teams qualified for ESL CS:GO Premiership Spring Season 2019 are:

Returning for another season we have the top 4 from the Winter Season 2018. The reigning Champions, London Esports, are joined by Endpoint, CeX, and dizLown EU (formerly Orgles5).

The teams qualified from the Qualifier Series are Pensioners, NEDS, Revelation Gaming, and Fierce Esports.

Watch #ESLPrem LIVE:

Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/esl_csgo

Mixer - https://www.mixer.com/eslpremiership

See below what happened in the latest Premiership Finals:

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