ESL UK Statement: Endpoint and their situation in the ESL Premiership Summer Season 2019

ESL UK would like to formally address the latest changes regarding ESL CS:GO Premiership Summer Season 2019.

The CS:GO Summer Season roster submission date was the 28th of April. This is where all teams competing in the coming season need to provide ESL with their starting roster which abides to the tournaments ruling of ‘ Start of the Season’ as standard practise;

‘Teams which have been invited to the ESL Premiership due to their final placement in the qualifier event or the previous season have to consist of at least five (5) main players, up to four (4) substitute players and up to one (1) coach. At least three (3) of the main players have to be members of the team that is invited to the ESL Premiership and need to have played in at least fifty percent (50%) of the matches of the qualifier or previous season. If two (2) teams qualify for the same spot, the team with the highest sum of matches across their players will be invited. In case of a tie between two teams, the spot will be granted to one with more main players at the end of a season. If a player leaves a team, all the matches played by that player before leaving will not be considered into this calculation.’

Endpoint who have a returning team slot in the ESL CS:GO Premiership Summer Season submitted their roster on the deadline and abided to the rule, ‘ Start of the Season’ with good intentions to field a roster of MightyMax, avN, Puls3, Impulse, IainNy

On the 13th of May, Endpoint reached out and informed ESL UK that due to VISA problems, two of their players ‘aVN’ and ‘Impulse’ (who were two of the three players that were returning under the tournament ruling) would have to part ways with Endpoint. This is due to the inability to attend bootcamps, utilize UK facilities or even attend live events such as the ESL Premiership finals should they achieve that this season.

ESL UK’s top priority is to ensure that we have all eight teams compete each week of the tournament and not just provide default; to ensure we foster and encourage growth and stability of esports here in the UK and Ireland.

Therefore, considering the extenuating circumstances, a solution with Endpoint has been agreed that would allow for all Premiership matches to be played this season rather than providing 7 default losses. This solution is as follows:-

  1. Endpoint submit a new roster with 5 players who are eligible to play in all 8 weeks of the upcoming summer season.
  2. Due to being unable to meet rule, Endpoint will be issued 20 penalty points from the start of the season.
  3. The 20 penalty points mean they will be unable to make any transfers for the remainder of this season.

Endpoint’s final roster is;
Puls3 - Sub