ESL CS:GO Premiership Returns for Autumn 2021

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ESL UK are pleased to announce the return of the ESL Premiership for its 16th season of CS:GO, remaining the longest standing National Championship in the UK & Ireland.

Exciting changes come this season, with the league format being expanded to align with other ESL National Championships:

  • The League will be expanded to 12 teams. All 8 teams from Spring 2021 Season were offered invites to return. One team declined their invitation, so the remaining slots were decided through Open Qualifiers.
  • League format will change to a single round robin group stage with 2 groups of 6 teams in each group.
  • After 8 playdays, 1st place from each group proceed directly to the Semi Finals. 2nd & 3rd place from each group progress to the Quarter Finals.
  • Quarter Finals will be a single elimination Bo3 bracket, each winner proceeding to the Playoffs.
  • Playoffs is a single elimination bracket, with the Semi Finals Bo3 & Final Bo5.

Teams confirmed to return upon accepting direct invitations from Spring 2021:

  • Endpoint CeX
  • Feenix (Formerly named Audacity Esports)
  • Coalesce (Formerly named UMX)
  • AURA
  • Donny Van De Sauce (Formerly named Max&BigGarlicDips)
  • Victus (formerly named Team XENEX)
  • Chetz.Royals

Teams qualified via Open Qualifiers:

  • TheAgencyClan
  • Glitchtech Esports
  • Havik Esports
  • Into The Breach
  • NEDS

These teams have been seeded by the teams into 2 groups as below:

Group AGroup B
Endpoint CeXInto The Breach
Chetz.RoyalsThe Zoo
Ex-TEAM XENEXDonny Van De Sauce
NEDSGlitchtech Esports
Havik EsportsTheAgencyClan

Join us from Monday 30th August 2021 for the 1st playday. Stay in touch on for more information. #ESLPrem