ESL UK Statement: The situation of Aquila Esports and Epsilon Esports in the ESL Premiership

ESL UK would like to formally address the latest team changes of the current Summer Season 2019 of the ESL Premiership for Rainbow Six Siege.

ESL UK became aware on Thursday 30th May that both Aquila Esports and Epsilon Esports will leave the ESL Premiership effective immediately. These decisions were made by the respective teams themselves, as we respect their exit from the tournament.

With these decisions occurring on the day of Week 2 of the Summer Season, we therefore had to reschedule two games of the Week 2, where Aquila Esports and Epsilon Esports were initially scheduled to play.
Abiding to our rule '2.14.3 Replacement Teams' maintaining a consistent league with the maximum number of games, we have invited two replacement teams effective immediately. These two teams are DEMISE and Horus, who placed 3rd and 4th respectively in our latest Promotion Series, which acts as a direct qualifying series to the ESL Premiership via Relegations.

'2.14.3 Replacement Teams

If a participant for any reason leaves the ESL Premiership, a replacement will be called up. If this happens before the replacement deadline, the replacement will inherit any financial benefits like paid flights and hotels from the dropped participant. Usually groups or brackets will not be reseeded if they were already publicly announced before the drop-out happened. In special cases, when the fairness of the competition is in jeopardy, the tournament officials can still change or even redraw the tournament. Replacement participants will be considered and contacted to ask whether or not they want to participate.'

To maintain competitive integrity of the league and per rule '2.14.2 Re-evaluating matches', we also made the decision to maintain results of already completed games. This means Wind and Rain and T3H Esports will maintain their records playing Aquila Esports and Epsilon Esports in Week 1 respectively.

'2.14.2 Re-evaluating Matches

Matches involving teams that have left the ESL Premiership before the end of the season will be scored as a default win for their opponent. Any matches that have already been played by that team, the score will not be amended.'

The replacement teams will therefore be allocated the records of the leaving teams. As DEMISE placed higher in the Promotion Series than Horus, they will take the higher record of 1 point, before playing their rescheduled games. The rescheduled games from Week 2 will therefore be played off-stream prior to the start of Week 3.

The above actions were taken with our aim to continue the league with the maximum amount of teams whilst maintaining competitive integrity. We believe we have found a compromise for all parties involved that also continues the ESL Premiership without defaulting games for the rest of the season.

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