Hearthstone Week 1 Recap

Hearthstone Week 1 Recap

The ESL Hearthstone Premiership is back, and already in motion. The first week of games are over and it's been close all round. Big names like Greensheep and Meati weren't able to beat out their oppositions in the qualifiers and dropped out early, while some old names like Ness and George C had no competition in them at all.


The first game began with Danswf and Westwith. Dan is a consistently solid player who reached 4th last time, and has aspirations of victory. On the other hand, Westwith is possibly the newest contender to professional Hearthstone, and is definitely the underdog of the competition. In true Hearthstone fashion, Westwith went 2-0 against Dan in quick succession due to Dan's dead draws and Westwith's deck selection. With his first ESL win in sight, Westwith succumbed to Dan's pressure, with Danswf reverse sweeping and winning 3-2.

Deaddraw Vs BigBen saw another titan of ESL Premiership seasons against another newcomer. Deaddraw only just scraped through in the qualifiers, and Ben won the previous Premiership, so it seemed like an easy win for the title holder. Another 3-2 later, Deaddraw shows he's not to be underestimated, defeating BigBen in an epic match.

The final game of the night closed with two big names in UK Hearthstone. Jambre, a previous Hearthstone Global games contender, and Mysterious, statistically the best player in the ESL Premiership, came head to head. Mysterious has come either 2nd or 3rd in every season of the Premiership, the latter being his place for last season. It's to no surprise then that he came out on top, winning 3-1 over Jambre. Jambre may have had better chances if he had brought meta decks, and not even Warrior... but then it just wouldn't be Jambre, would it?

Unfortunately due to conflicting schedules with the ESL Premiership, Paradox vs BoarControl will take place this Thursday, 12/07/18. BoarControl has since proven himself from last season with extremely high ladder scores, in addition to coming top 8 in HCT events. Maybe he can reclaim his season 2 glory, but Paradox will be a notoriously difficult opponent to face.


Make sure to catch the next week of games on Friday 13th July at 7pm:

Duncan - HelloLeeroy

Kat - Toastmoster

Bilbz - Osha

Falcone - Coldhands


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