Meet the ESL UK Team at epic26

Meet the ESL UK Team at epic26

Here at ESL UK, we’re all gamers at heart, and a lan is where we’re the most immersed in the community. That’s why we’re bringing the epic.LAN attendees and followers of the ESL Premiership the chance to have a chat with us about the tournament. Additionally, the ESL Premiership is going on tour!

ESL UK are consistently looking to the community for their feedback and implementing the changes to take the Premiership to next level every season. The most efficient and inclusive way of doing that is to bring the ESL UK Staff to a LAN.

ESL UK will be attending epic26 on the 8th of February, hosting a variety of panels to cater to everyone involved from UK and Irish esports. The lan attendees and viewers will get a chance to discuss the plans for the future of the Premiership, take part in an open Q&A with the ESL UK Staff, and many others.

But do not worry - if you don’t have a ticket to epic26, you can get a ticket to the Conference from this link.

That’s not all - ESL UK are also announcing news changes to the ESL Premiership Finals for spectators. In 2019 and onwards the ESL Premiership will be going on tour around the UK to allow for easier travel and new venues to attend to support their teams in a great live environment.

You can find the full schedule for the conference below:

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ESL Premiership Conference Tickets

The conference will be open to epic26 ticket holders. If you wish to attend the conference but do not have a ticket for the lan, you can get free tickets to the conference here:

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