The longest standing UK and Ireland Tournament powered by Intel returns for the 2020 Autumn season for both competitive titles CS:GO and Dota 2 

London, UK: The longest standing UK and Ireland tournament powered by Intel, ESL Premiership has announced its return for the Autumn 2020 season in competitive titles Counter Strike and Dota 2 which reflects the international drive of Path to Pro.

The ESL Premiership is the proving ground for aspiring Pro Players and Team Organisations to establish themselves on their journey of development through the international circuit. The Autumn season sees a multitude of new sponsors joining to support the domestic scene in both CS:GO and Dota 2; most notably the endemic brand of Razer as the official partner for laptops and peripherals. Razer will be supporting the popular Premvp - a weekly community voted MVP from each game title - along with replays and new broadcast segments being implemented such as ‘Razer Reacts’. Long standing sponsors such as Intel, AOC Gaming and Mercedes-Benz are also returning for the remainder of the 2020 competition.

“Razer peripherals designed to give esports players that vital in-match edge for better performance and consistent wins” said Yann Salsedo, Head of Esports (EMEA) at Razer. “By partnering with ESL, we will be showcasing our newest esports headset, the BlackShark V2, and our range of powerful Razer Blade gaming laptops – the perfect combination of hardware for the best gaming experience.”

The Dota 2 competition is the first to see it’s weekly action kick off with the tournament commencing play on Saturday 5th of September with the finals being played out on Sunday 8th of November.

The ESL Dota 2 Premiership will see adaptive changes, continuing the development of the UK Scene, reinvigorated with interest since the ESL One Birmingham Major event in 2018. The Autumn season sees an automatic promotion slot awarded to NSE’s British University champions, Warwick Ducks, opening new paths for collegiate students and driving participation at the grass roots level.

Dan Ellis, Brand Partnerships Manager at ESL UK says “We can’t wait for the Autumn action to kick off with all the new and returning teams, tournament partners, and community members. At ESL UK we continue to make it our mission to provide opportunity for growth and development of the domestic competitive scene, always pushing to make the ESL Premiership the ideal platform for anyone wanting to go pro with their careers in esports.”

The ESL CS:GO Premiership will be entering its 14th season with some expected alterations to format; seeing an increase from eight to nine play days across the group stage and playoffs before going into the finals.  Following on from this years Spring season, the competition will see the likes of Team Endpoint returning since being ranked #31 by HLTV and #26 in the ESL CS:GO Global rankings. They were the first UK team to be awarded a competitive slot within the ESL Pro Tour taking place at DreamHack Open Anaheim, playing against international teams such as North and Forze. Their success of going from the ESL Premiership into the ESL Pro Tour has shown the true skill cultivation of regional leagues.

The ESL CS:GO Premiership competition commences weekly on the evening of Monday 7th of August seeing the finals taking place on Saturday the 7th of November. 

The teams qualified for Dota 2 are the following; 

  • Sparkling Water, returning Spring 2020 Champions
  • nerdRage
  • Warriors of the World
  • Warwick Ducks (Qualified by NSE Summer 20 winners)
  • Little children of stonehenge (Qualified from Open Qualifiers)
  • Team Sneed (Qualified from Open Qualifiers)
  • Into The Breach (Qualified from Open Qualifiers)
  • Peach (Qualified from Open Qualifiers)

The teams qualified for CS:GO are the following; 

  • Team Endpoint, 5x Champions
  • CeX
  • NoPurplesAtTOB
  • UMX
  • Dame Time
  • Project 5 Esports (Qualified from Open Qualifiers)
  • Brunolopes (Qualified from Open Qualifiers)

You can catch all the action on the ESL UK channels via @ESLUK or using the hashtag #ESLPREM. Keep track of each game’s MVP throughout the season with #PREMVP. For more news or tournament information visit the website.