Clash Royale is entering the Vip Adria League!

Clash Royale is entering the Vip Adria League!

Probably, you have played Clash Royale here and there, to pass the time and get some instant PvP gratification whenever you might need it. Well, turns out you can turn that hobby into something far more lucrative by applying to the League and playing in the Clash Royale tournament! One of the most famous and well-received mobile games ever is slowly finding its way into the world of esports as an easy to learn, but hard to master title that allows for almost anyone to enter the competitive world of esports with only a smartphone.

We’ll be offering a professional environment for any and all Clash Royale players that think they’re good enough to win at the big stage of the Reboot InfoGamer, and take home a big chunk of the tasty, sexy more then €3000 prizepool! Don’t think it’s going to be a walk in the park, though: there are literally hundreds of players standing in your way if you’re going to make it to the offline finals! For all upcoming open qualifiers, check out the ESL Play portal

The format of the Clash Royale tournament will be similar to the Hearthstone tournament, and we’ll be playing all summer long - until we find out who will our offline finalists be. First things first: we’re going to hold online qualifiers every week from July through October, and the best 8 players every week will enter the monthly finals. We’ll determine the best 8 players via a point system that will reward players that play consistent and well. The last week of each month is dubbed the Double points week, where you’ll get, well, double the points.

The two best-placed players in the monthly finals will advance further and after all, is said and done, we’ll have 8 players ready to dish it out in the online playoff. Only four players will advance to the offline playoff on the Reboot InfoGamer. Now that you know what will happen, here are the dates for the July Qualifiers:

  1. 15/07 - Qualifier #1 - Sign up now!
  2. 22/07 - Qualifier #2 - Sign up now!
  3. 29/07 - Qualifier #3 - Sign up now

So get your phones ready, and build that sweet deck of yours and see if you got what it takes to win the big prize in the offline finals. If you’re still itching to get more information out of us, fine. Here are more details for the extra curious:

  • Starting in July, there will be an online Clash Royale qualifier held every Sunday, available for everyone to enter and play.
  • Consistence and good playing will be rewarded with points that the players will accumulate during the game days.
  • Every last week of the month will be the “Double Points Week” where players will be able to get double the points for every win, so make that extra points count.
  • The 8 best placed players of each month compete in DE Bo5 matches, and 2 players advance each month.
  • After 4 months, the 8 best players will play the online playoff where 4 players will remain. The format remains the same: DE Bo5.
  • The best 4 players will advance to the offline playoff and have their accommodation costs covered and get the opportunity to play Clash Royale on the big Reboot InfoGamer stage, albeit on a small, mobile phone screen.

We’re rewarding good playing, consistent effort and tactics to make the best players visible and present them to the regional crowd at the Reboot InfoGamer this fall. Make sure you follow our social media accounts for more information and get ready to start playing Clash Royale for some real money!

Good luck!

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