First month of Clash Royale ends

First month of Clash Royale ends

Our very first fully mobile game, Clash Royale proved to be a great hit among the regional players who took to their smartphones to see who’s the best mobile esport player in the region. This left us with some great games and a lot of excitement in the three match days in July.

After two “regular” weeks, we also had a “double points” week that shook things up just enough to leave everything undecided until the last moments of the last game in the finals. 313 players participated in the Clash Royale tournament altogether, and fought to see who will the best 8 players that earn their place in the monthly finals be.

In the end, those players were:

1 210 Domi 2 165 Aki 3 150 Dino CRO PRO 4 145 SRBIJA
5 140 Markoni 6 135 Sasaa 7 123 ConeKorleone 8 110 Dojca

The overall victory went to Sasaa, and he will get the opportunity to advance to the next tier of the tournament, along with Domi who lost the final match, but will nevertheless advance to the next stage. The third place went to ConeKorleone, who will take home 50 EUR and can still compete next month, which is not that bad.

When it comes to Clash Royale, we’ve seen a large number of players and must emphasize again that we’re pleased that the players recognized this mobile game as a way to start off their esport career. We still have 3 more months of competition left, so make sure you apply right away for the next cups!

Will you be the one joining Sasaa and Domi in the LAN finals? Apply now and show us what you’ve got!

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