LemyBiB our july monthly hearthstone champion!

LemyBiB our july monthly hearthstone champion!

Can’t believe it’s been a month since we’ve announced Clash Royale and Hearthstone already, but it most certainly has, and we’re ready to tell you everything that happened in the three weeks of Hearthstone, as well as the monthly final.

As we’ve already announced, the format of the competition was slightly different than the other games in the League, mainly because both Hearthstone and Clash Royale are games that are played in a 1v1 format. That’s why we designed a special competition format to cater to the best players and make everything as fair as possible.

First up, let’s talk a bit more about Hearthstone!

Almost 150 unique Hearthstone players participated in the online qualifiers that were open for any and all Hearthstone players. The players were matched up against each other and played not only for the bragging rights, but for points as well. The best example is that no one single player won the online qualifier twice, and the double points week shook things up a bit, leaving us with the top 8 players that participated in the online finals.

After an entire month of games, these are the 8 players who advanced to the monthly final:

1. 230 CG Lavvek 2. 165 Riste 3. 140 LemyBiB 4. 135 Vulee
5. 115 Dusanbe 6. 110 Grimmjow 7. 95 Salebk 8. 90 OlyRIO

In the end there was Lavvek, LemyBiB and Grimmjow, who had both their fair share of luck and skill to place top 3 in the monthly finals. LemyBiB and Lavvek will advance directly to the online playoff, together with the best 2 players of the upcoming three months.

This leaves us with 6 more spots to be taken for the online playoffs that will be played just before the LAN tournament, and the best 4 players there advance to play Hearthstone in front of a live audience on the Reboot InfoGamer!

Make sure you apply for the first August qualifiers - there’s still a lot of time left for you to earn your place in the LAN finals now !

Good luck to everyone competing in future cups, and follow our socials for every new information regarding the league!

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