A1 Adria league season ii - powered by esl

The first season of the A1 Adria League is a memory now, but as we’re heading towards the second season of CS:GO and LoL we’d like to talk about what happened in the last season to give you a quick overview of the few months of intense gaming in the Adria region. Overall, the League saw more than 1.300 participants from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia. We reached more than 4.5 million people on Facebook and broadcasted more than 100 hours of video on Twitch.

The League qualifiers started at the beginning of july, with the reveal of 4 CS:GO and 4 LoL teams to be invited directly to the League. The online qualifiers took place immediately after, with 4 weeks of action giving us 4 CS:GO and 4 LoL teams that formed the groups with the invited teams. The group stages have shown us that the two teams to watch out for were definitely Valiance & Co in CS:GO and KlikTech in LoL, and we were indeed right. The teams advanced to the LAN finals, with Bontech, RuR and X25 joining KlikTech in the LoL finals, and Squared, KlikTech and Zonic qualifying for the LAN finals in CS:GO.

The real spectacle took place at the Reboot InfoGamer, with the LAN finals taking the spotlight of the entire event. Our LAN finals were dominated by Valiance & Co in CS:GO and KlikTech in LoL, with both teams taking the trophies without any trouble. KlikTech’s Edi Bešić was the winner of the FIFA 18 tournament.

season 1 - 23.000€


1st place -  KlikTech - 5000 €
2nd place -    Bontech - 3000 €
3rd place -  x25 eSports - 1500 €
4th place -  RUR eSports - 500 €


1st place - Edinho - 1500 €
2nd place - Dino - 1000 €
3rd place - hasinho - 400 €
4th place - Luka - 100 €


1st place - Valiance & Co - 5000 €
2nd place -  Squared esports - 3000 €
3rd place -  KlikTech - 1500 €
4th place -  Zonic - 500 €
location: zagreb
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