The UltimateSC2 Competition

GSL is the longest running league in Korea, dating back to the very beginnings of StarCraft II competition.
Intel® Extreme Masters is the longest-running global esports series in the world, started back in 2006 by Intel and ESL
DreamHack StraCraft II Masters is the main competition through the year for ESL Pro Tour, encompassing both regional events and global competitions.

One tour. One story

$4,000,000+ PRIZE MONEY
3 years

This is our vision for esports. This is the ESL Pro Tour for StarCraft II, a yearly competition that combines the past legacies of Blizzard, DreamHack, and ESL. Now in our second year we're building upon our system to ensure that anyone can sign up and play anywhere in the world. Our end goal is simple:
Create a world where everybody can be somebody.

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Any Questions?

If you already are familiar with the Pro Tour and want to learn more about our plans and ideas for competitive StarCraft II please visit the How It Works section of the website. 

New to the Pro Tour?

What's the ESL Pro Tour?

The ESL Pro Tour is a circuit combining  ESL and DreamHack tournaments which will be connected by a ranking system into one narrative that builds towards the Masters Championships each winter; Intel Extreme Masters Katowice. The Masters Championship will include the best players from the ESL Pro Tour and Korean leagues.

With this change we will have a more complete and simpler path from zero to hero for aspiring players, a more compelling story to follow for existing StarCraft II fans and a continued transparent structure for new esports fans. This will be the ultimate expression of our purpose: to create a world where everybody can be somebody.

Does the ESL Pro Tour only cover StarCraft II?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and WarCraft III also have their ESL Pro Tours.

How does the ESL Pro Tour work?

Please visit the "How it works" section within the menu for a more detailed explanation. 

Are DreamHack and ESL now one company?

While the ESL Pro Tour was created with DreamHack and ESL being two distinct organizations, on October 1, 2020 a merger combined the two into a single company.

Where can I find the official press release?

The official press release can be found here.

About the Changes

What happens with my EPT Points now that everything is regional?
Already gained EPT points will be taken to the players respective division. Example: Serral with 600 global EPT points will take his points to the European division to compete for the allotment to the Masters Championship.
Are EPT points awarded from ESL Open Cups going to also be regionalized?
No, the ESL Open Cups will remain global points. The EPT points earned from these will be transferred to the region of the winning players.
Which division do I play in?
A detailed policy will be outlined in our updated rulebook. However our intention will be prioritized on residency.
How & when do the invitations for the division work?
We will invite based on the EPT Ranking and will invite all players to the division after the conclusion of TSL 5.
How do non Korean players living in Korea work?
These players are welcome to compete in their respective home region alongside competing in GSL.
How will you deal with server ruling in the regular season but more importantly the Season Finals?
All details will be released within our rulebook advance to the first season of competition. Each division will have a home server that all matches must take place on, unless both players in a match prefer and agree on a different server, while the rules for the season finals are still to be determined.