Weekly Re-Peek: S4 Week 2

Just as much excitement rolled around in our second week, and I've got you covered on all the best bits cherry picked out just for you. Yes, you specifically. I do this for you 😘


  • MIBR have signed Babs, one of the stars of the former Black Dragons roster. Due to qualifying with mocreias, she won't be able to play under the MIBR banner this season, but will be a strong addition to the squad.
  • GamerLegion have signed the former core of Let Her Cook, under the GamerLegion Prism name.

Weekly Recap

The results of the week in a concise video where I try and squeeze in as much wordplay as possible 😇

Top Plays of the Week

North and South America dominated the top plays of day 1! Though oxycet was an absolute beast on Vertigo 🔥

Am I seeing double? G2 Oya again in the charts, and a double whammy from yungher to round out our top plays of day 2! 👁️👄👁️

Players to Watch

1WIN Gang may have lost their series versus NIP, but Deylary was instrumental in the squad picking up their map pick of Mirage 16-12. The rifler collected 37 kills across 28 rounds, incredibly maintaining form equally across both T and CT sides of the map!

In another show of unwavering form, empathy posted 32 kills in back-to-back maps to help Shimmer take the win over Hyperion! Not living up to her namesake, hey?

REGIANE was a pillar of consistency too, across all 3 maps of MIBR's dub over Ravens. With 70 kills and +21 across the series, her high impact fragging was critical to their success.


Now we all know that NAVI Javelins are one of the best teams in the world, with back-to-back grand finals appearances in ESL Impact. But did you know they have never dropped a series - across FOUR seasons - during the online group stages? 😱

They were pushed by G2 Oya this week, and though G2 fell just short, NAVI's Hanka had high praise for the team in her post-match interview, stating they thought G2 Oya had the best form of all the teams in their group. This puts a lot of excitement on the G2 Oya & 9 Pandas Fearless match-up this Thursday!

NA currently have four teams 2-0 and four 0-2 in the group, but this clear divide is set to change in the coming week with EG Gold clashing with Team Karma. For Team Karma, this is their opportunity to show that they mean business in their return to the CS scene, and for EG this will be an important test of their new roster, especially after a slightly shaky series last week versus Totsugeki.

What's next?

Why, week 3 of course! Check out the current standings here.