ESL Impact was made for women to unapologetically enjoy what they love the most: Counter-Strike. On the server, it's your skill that matters, not your gender.

With monthly Cash Cups, two yearly online league seasons in front of roaring crowds, we give you a competitive and safe playground to prove your skill and dedication to the game.

See you on the server! 🤝

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Women's Counter-strike on the UpriseYear One Documentary

“To every girl out there who is now starting to play CS, I know how hard it is to play all alone and having to deal with sexist trolls even on your own team. I promise that it’s worth the hours you put into a game you truly love and enjoy! I’m very grateful to be able to play esports professionally and watching the female scene grow, only makes me want to work harder every day.”
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“ESL's circuit really has helped the female scene. The motivation, the love, and the community is getting bigger and bigger every day. It also has brought the attention of organizations to support us and help the scene grow which is amazing and allows us to pursue our objectives and dreams.”

GOT QUESTIONS?We've got the answers!

What is #GGFORALL? 👪

#GGFORALL is an initiative launched to combat negativity and toxicity within the esports industry and foster diversity and inclusivity. Currently, ESL Impact is the main focus, established to provide a safe, competitive environment for women in Counter-Strike. #GGFORALL also includes an environmentally-friendly approach within gaming and esports 🌳 It’s not GG until it’s #GGFORALL

Why is there a need for a women's only league? 🤔

A women’s only league is just one step on the way towards a more diverse Counter-Strike scene. ESL Impact provides a competitive environment for the top women’s teams of the world, where they can feel safe and comfortable while competing. The goal of ESL Impact is to reach a point where a separate league is no longer needed and mixed teams become the norm. Until then though, we’re proud to support the competitive women’s Counter-Strike scene. 💪

Okay, and can any women sign up? 😇

Yes! But… You have to be at least 16 years old to enter into our tournaments. Furthermore, anyone aged 16 or 17 also has to have a parent or guardian sign a declaration of consent in order to attend our offline events. 📝 Make sure to check out what ESL Impact and ESEA events are available in your region. 👀

What if I don't have a team to compete with? 💀

The ESEA Cash Cups have solo sign-up options, so you can compete even if you don’t have a full team yet. You can also check out our Discord to find new friends to play your favorite games with, both competitively and just for fun. 😃

Are there any opportunities to start playing without competing in the league? 👀

If you’re looking to play casually, you might want to check out our Discord. Here you can find new friends who love the same games as you and want to play on the same level. 🤝 If you want to play more competitively, the ESEA Cash Cups will be a good place to start. Cash Cups are hosted twice a month in all regions. 🌎🌍🌏

Do you have a Discord I can join and connect with other players?🤝

Yes we do! You can join the #GGFORALL Discord server right here. Come join the fun! 🥳

I'm more interested in talking about the game. Where would I start? 🎤

The ESL Impact League Seasons are covered by both the ESL Impact Talent and by our Community Casters, commenting the games on their own streams. Do you want to join our community of casters? 👀 Sign up here!

I love this, and actually got a good idea I'd like to tell you about. Where can I do that? 👉 👈

We’d love to hear from you! 🤩 You can always reach out to us on Discord and Twitter with any questions or ideas you might have. 💡

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Dates of ESL Impact’s 2024 program featuring monthly ESL Impact Cash Cups on FACEIT, online league seasons and live Finals events in Counter-Strike 2 revealed 2023 vs 2024 Changelog As

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The heat in 2023 Valencia Finals began in the group stage as two of the strongest teams coming into the tournament, Nigma Galaxy and NAVI Javelins, both lost their winner's matches and fell into lower brackets of their groups, facing elimination. 9Pandas Fearless and Fluxo Demons, on the other hand, showed incredible performance and were the first two teams heading into playoffs. After a day break, NAVI Javelins were able to reset after a loss and secured a hard-fought victory over FURIA.fe. Similarly, the undefeated champions were far from giving up and played undoubtedly the most exciting match of the tournament against HSG. Both teams seemed to exist in a league of their own and following a total of 3 maps, 4 overtimes, and ANa's 51 frags on Overpass, Nigma Galaxy barely edged out a 2:1 win and were the final team qualifying to the semifinals. Hardened by the battle, both NAVI and Nigma Galaxy strolled through the semi-finals, and on familiar ground, Nigma Galaxy further consolidated their legacy by winning their 6th ESL Impact title in a row, with an unforeseen 13-0 map victory in the history of ESL Impact playoffs. Overall, the first CS2 LAN for ESL Impact gave us some incredible games and at times surprising results, and we can't wait to see what future seasons have in store for us!


Dallas 2023 was a familiar stage for Nigma Galaxy, who were all set to go for their fifth straight ESL Impact title. The semi-finals started off with a bang. NAVI Javelins faced off against local favorites, FlyQuest Red. The crowd was cheering for their home team, but NAVI Javelins held their ground and secured a clear 2-0 victory. On the other side of the bracket, Nigma Galaxy squared off with B4 Esports, Brazil's best. It was a hard-fought match, but Nigma Galaxy's skills and strategy came out on top, landing them in the final. The Grand Final was a thrilling European contest between Nigma Galaxy and NAVI Javelins. NAVI Javelins gave their all, but Nigma Galaxy was just too strong. They came out on top with a decisive 2-0 win, crowning them as the five-time, undefeated ESL Impact champions. As Dallas 2023 came to a close, Nigma Galaxy were once again the ones raising the trophy high. This victory further underlined their dominance, continuing a legacy that seems unbreakable!
Katowice 2023

Katowice 2023

They say good things come in threes, but for Nigma Galaxy, maybe its fours! Our ever-dominant champions looked to defend their crown in Katowice, Poland. After a familiarly solid season, fans expected the classic Furia/Nigma final we've grown to love - but due to an impressive group stage defeat by hometown heroes NAVI Javelins - Nigma and Furia met in the semis! As always, the match was a close contest but once more Nigma were victorious, and went on to meet NAVI Javelins in the final, who had bested the other Brazilians of B4 Esports. With the crowd on their side, the Javelins put up an impressive fight, but as we've come to expect - Nigma Galaxy went home with the gold once more!
Katowice 2023
Jönköping 2022

Jönköping 2022

As the season came to a close, 8 teams from around the world fought it out at the Winter Finals in Jönköping, Sweden. Stakes were high as the dominant champs of Nigma Galaxy sought to further cement their legacy and complete the three-peat. Winning back-to-back-to-back championships. In familiar fashion, Furia joined them in the final, after a close win over the Asian Wildcard - HSG. Esports. Nigma Galaxy took the victory, without dropping a single map all tournament! AWP Talent ANa claimed her second Impact MVP award of the season.
Jönköping 2022
Valencia 2022

Valencia 2022

The first ever ESL Impact stand-alone event took place at DreamHack Valencia in the Summer of 2022. 8 teams across 4 regions came together in Valencia to fight it out for the second trophy lift of the year. Only a month after the Dallas Global Finals Nigma Galaxy were not about to give up their title as Champions, and though FURIA gave it their all in the Grand Finlas, it was Nigma Galaxy to claim their second championship in a row, with IGL vilga being named the tournament MVP.
Valencia 2022


Nigma Galaxy took home the trophy in Dallas after a 2-1 victory over FURIA. The team had a near perfect run through the entire season, not losing a single match throughout regular groups, regional deciders or during the Finals. Ana "ANa" Dumbravă was named the tournament MVP following her impressive performance with the AWP. Their victory also served to sweeten the day even further for Victoria "tory" Kazieva, who celebrated her 24th birthday with a trophy lift. GG! 💖

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