Introducing the ESL Pro Tour: DHL MVP

Introducing an ESL Pro Tour: DHL MVP award for all EPT Masters & Championship competitions. We will be premiering the DHL MVP during Intel Extreme Masters Summer 2021. The following competitions will also feature the above-mentioned award:

  • IEM Cologne
  • ESL Pro League Season 14
  • IEM Fall
  • IEM Winter
  • & EPT 2022

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The MVP (Most Valuable Player) award is the award given to the best performing player of a tournament. In addition to a traditional MVP award, two additional categories are considered in order to determine the result.

The metrics we are using to determine the MVP are the following:

  1. Player performance
  2. Fan voting
  3. Broadcast talent voting

Player performance

To determine the player performance we look at a pure statistical analysis of players, the following categories are used for this:

  • Kill per round
  • Average damage per round
  • Death per round
  • Kill / Assist / Survived / Traded (KAST)
  • Impact rating

Fan voting

All fans can get involved! Community inclusion is important, therefore all viewers from around the world will have an opportunity to contribute to the final MVP selection. During each tournament’s playoffs, viewers will be able to pick between the highest performing players of each match.

All voting will take place directly on from within the chat.

Broadcast talent voting

The faces & voices of each competition will also be participating as the final piece of the puzzle. All of the working ESL broadcast team will be asked to select their top performers at the end of each tournament in order to unite to contribute to the final result.


All three categories will be considered and evaluated to determine the eventual MVP of each EPT Masters & Championship competition which will be announced at the end of each competition.