Patch Notes Pre-Fall Season

The ESL Pro Tour StarCraft II 2021/2022 is rolling and we are underway with DreamHack SC2 Masters: Fall tomorrow. Ahead of that, we wanted to provide an update on what we’ve been working towards.

B-Stream Visibility

Over the last 12months, we’ve received continuous feedback that when consuming an EPT competition through a single stream it can be challenging to follow the overarching tournament narrative as results come in. This has an area of improvement for us yet again. 

We'll be adding in a few things here, in addition to our already implemented results ticker and group updates shown in game, we will:

  • Showing B-Stream matches during our breaks on a more regular basis. We are aiming to have this take place in between matches on the A stream. 
  • Improvements to the ESL Pro Tour StarCraft II website that will allow you to see upcoming schedules, streams, and results more directly. 

The EPT by design is a large system created for large global participation and opportunity. While we feel we are achieving this goal, we understand the viewing obstacles this can create. We’ll continue to monitor feedback, adjust and improve. We'll also have some fun additions to the stream experience we will be releasing in the next week.

Roadmap to LAN

We recently touched upon our roadmap back to in-person competition HERE. We intend to provide more regular updates on our thought process and plans in order to achieve this mutual goal.

During DH SC2 Masters Summer, we took the first step in returning to a sense of normality by bringing commentators to our studio in Stockholm. Our next immediate two goals are:

  • Constantly have commentators at our studios.

  • Bring back in-person competition.

In order to bring players back, we will ensure that all parties are comfortable and feel safe with the decision. As restrictions begin to tighten again in Europe, we are keeping ahead of the situation and continuously evaluating what this means for the program.

While Fall is most likely to be the same as Summer, we are hopeful that Winter we can achieve our goals.

Intel Extreme Masters: Katowice 2022

Additionally, we have already begun planning towards the EPT Championship. Our goal here is to bring the community together to celebrate SC2 while crowning our World Champion live on stage. We are making progress and will want to share plans, including your feedback before we make final decisions, so expect us to come back here in early September.


Our commitment as always is to the community. We want to deliver a product that you can be proud of as well as helping us shape the future of competitive StarCraft II.