IEM Road to Rio Seeding & Groups

The qualification for Intel® Extreme Masters Road to Rio is in most regions concluded and as such we’re today announcing seeding information for all of the three regions: Europe, Asia & Americas.


With the fourth and final open qualifier for IEM Road to Rio Europe concluding this past weekend, the final six teams out of a total of twenty qualifying have been found. The seeding process is based on the Valve Major Supplement Rulebook and will be carried out as indicated below:

  • Teams coming from the top 16 at the PGL Antwerp Major will be seeded 1st - 12th in the order of their final placing from that event
  • Teams coming from the open qualifiers will be seeded as follows:
    • 1st - 5th from open qualifier 1 will be seeded 13th - 18th
    • 1st - 4th from open qualifier 2 will be seeded 19th - 22nd
    • 1st - 5th from open qualifier 3 will be seeded 23rd - 27th
    • 1st - 6th from open qualifier 4 will be seeded 28th - 32nd
  • Seeds 1 - 12 will be placed into EU 1 & 2 using the alternating seeding method
  • The 1st placed team from open qualifier 1 (Sprout) will choose whether to be placed into EU 1 or 2
  • The remaining teams will be seeded into EU 1 & 2 using the alternating seeding method.

Based on the above, the two groups for IEM Road to Rio Europe are as listed below:

Europe #1Europe #2
FaZe Clan Natus Vincere
Team SpiritENCE
Ninjas in PyjamasHeroic
G2 EsportsTeam Vitality
Cloud 9 BIG
Bad News EaglesOutsiders
SproutTeam Falcons
fnaticOG Esports
Eternal Fire Monte
B8Sangal Esports
GamerLegionBenched Heroes

With the seeding process concluded and groups fully set, this has also set the first round of matchups taking place on Tuesday, October 4:

Europe #1Europe #2
FaZe Clan vs GamerLegionNatus Vincere vs Benched Heroes
Team Spirit vs 1WINENCE VS HEET
Ninjas in Pyjamas vs AstralisHeroic vs SAW
G2 Esports vs ECSTATICTeam Vitality vs FANTASY
Cloud9 vs B8BIG vs Sangal Esports
Bad News Eagles vs Eternal FireOutsiders vs Monte
Sprout vs ForzeTeam Falcons vs K23
Aurora vs fnaticMOUZ vs OG Esports


This past weekend also marked the conclusion of the IEM Road to Rio Asia Closed Qualifiers, which took place in four regions: Central Asia, Oceania, Middle-East and Rest of Asia. With four teams qualifying, the seeding process has been conducted based on the final placing at the PGL Antwerp Major, following the Valve Major Supplement Rulebook, teams coming from the closed qualifiers have seeded as follows:

  • 1st from the Rest of Asia closed qualifier will be seeded 1st
  • 1st from the Oceania closed qualifier will be seeded 2nd
  • 1st from the Central Asia closed qualifier will be seeded 3rd
  • 1st from the Middle East closed qualifier will be seeded 4th 

                                                                                                                                                                                Based on the above, the matchups for the first round of IEM Road to Rio Asia, taking place Friday, October 7, are as listed below:

IHC Esports vs JijieHao International
Grayhound vs. Rare Atom


While the majority of teams for IEM Road to Rio Americas have been found, the seeding will only be carried out once the last open qualifiers in North America have been fully finalized. We will revert back with an update on Tuesday, September 6th.



IEM Road to Rio will be the final destination for teams in order to make the Intel® Extreme Masters Rio Major, with only 24 out of the 52 participating teams able to make it to the first South American CS:GO Major in history.