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Over the years at IEM Katowice, the Spodek arena has witnessed some unforgettable plays in that time. So, to commemorate the tenth edition of the event we have got our staff and professional players to vote on the best ones so that they could be featured in this video.

It’s hard to believe that NIP wandering into Snax wonderland, f0rest gutting device, and guardiaN getting all five against fnatic happened in the same city, but it did. And that’s just to name a few: IEM’s viewers also got to witness why it doesn’t even matter if dupreeh only has a deagle, and allu’s AWP power ENCE to a major final.

So come on. Lean back in your chair. Let us blow your mind, with the top ten CS:GO clips in Katowice history.

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With the superstars of s1mple, Zywoo & NiKo attendance at IEM Katowice 2022, it’s a certainty we’ll get more clips of this calibre next month. So don’t miss out on ESL’s first big arena event since the pandemic. Celebrate CS:GO and StarCraft II’s heroes.

The Wall of Glory


Peter Rasmussen – CS:GO


Eo Yun-So – Sc2