Dates of ESL Impact’s 2024 program featuring monthly ESL Impact Cash Cups on FACEIT, online league seasons and live Finals events in Counter-Strike 2 revealed

2023 vs 2024 Changelog

As we look to consolidate and improve the ESL Impact circuit, changes to tournaments and regional slots will be happening in 2024. These will be reviewed again ahead of 2025.

Standalone events

In the coming year, we decided to take a step back and revise our approach to standalone events. While we are in the process of exploring new opportunities, there will be no standalone events happening in 2024.

Regional slot distribution

Adjustments to regional slots for season finals have been made to ensure that the best talent is given the opportunity to compete at top-tier events. In response to low participation rates in certain regions during 2023, qualification slots have been reallocated to areas with the highest competition. Looking ahead to 2024, we plan to continue investing resources into the development of the Counter-Strike women's league in less prominent regions. That being said, the slot allocation for the season finals in the upcoming year will be as follows:

Season 5 Dallas

1. European League5. North American League
2. European League6. North American League
3. European League7. South American League
4. European League8. Asian Qualifier

Season 6 Stockholm

1. European League5. European League
2. European League6. South American League
3. European League7. South American League
4. European League8. North American League

2024 Program

Open Qualifiers Season 5 

  • February 12 - 18, 2024
    With four slots available per region, Open Qualifiers provide a chance for emerging teams from Europe, North America and South America to compete for a spot in ESL Impact League Season 5.

ESL Impact League Season 5 

  • March 6 - April 20, 2024
    The 28 best teams from Europe, North America and South America will battle in their regional online league. The top four teams from EU, the top two teams from NA and the top one team from SA will qualify for the Global Finals in Dallas.

Wildcard Season 5

  • March 9 - 11, 2024
    The eighth team to be part of Global Finals will be the winner of the Wildcard Qualifier in Asia.

ESL Impact League Season 5 Global Finals in Dallas

  • May 31 - June 2, 2024
    Competing for a share of the $150,000 prize pool and the coveted title, the best teams from around the globe will face off in front of a live audience at DreamHack Dallas 2024.

Open Qualifiers Season 6

  • August, 2024
    Similarly to Season 5, this stage offers any aspiring team from Europe, North America and South America a chance to participate in ESL Impact League Season 6.

ESL Impact League Season 6 

  • August - October, 2024
    Following a similar format to Season 5, the best teams from Europe, North America and South America will continue to rival online for a spot in the Global Finals in Stockholm. This time, however, five teams from EU, two teams from SA and one team from NA will have a chance to qualify for the Finals.

ESL Impact League Season 6 Global Finals in Stockholm

  • November, 2024
    Gathering in the capital of Sweden, the best teams will promise a spectacular closure of the year in their attempt to claim the season title and a portion of the $150,000 prize pool live at DreamHack Stockholm 2024.

Additionally, all fans and players can expect thrilling matchups as monthly ESEA Cash Cups will continue to run in 2024. More information and details can be found here.

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